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With a focus on long-term value creation through a portfolio of market-leading businesses, OPE makes private equity investments for OMERS. 

Our Approach

OPE’s investment mandate is flexible, to capitalize on prevailing economic conditions and financial markets -- allowing us to make investments across a broad range of industries using a variety of transaction structures. Our investment approach is premised on long-term, active partnership.

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OMERS Private Equity invests in market-leading companies with strong management teams and clear value-creation opportunities, and offers many tangible advantages for management teams

  • Professionals in Toronto, New York and London
  • Strong and engaged team with expertise in multiple sectors and disciplines
  • Access to extensive global network of complementary expertise
  • Active engagement throughout investment lifecycle
  • Collaboration with proven management teams
  • Well-defined strategy to create value
  • $200M -$700M equity investment size
  • Control equity investments
  • Focused on target sectors and geographies
Patient Capital
  • Long-term view on value creation
  • Follow-on investments to accelerate growth
  • Exit timing to maximize value for all shareholders